Winter Youth Basketball FAQ's

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By popular demand, the Town of Cary has moved from Town-wide organization of winter youth basketball leagues to an organization of those leagues by geographic zones. The goal is to permit participants to practice and play games more frequently at locations closer to their home. For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions below.
Am I required to register in the zone in which I live?
How should I decide which zone to register in?
May we register in more than one zone?
What do I do if the zone I want is full?
Is the registration fee the same no matter where I play?
We had a great coach last year. Can we request to have the same coach this year?
We need to carpool with another family. Can we request to be on the same team as that family?
What are the “zones,” and how are they defined?
Are all the age groups offered in all the zones?
Will I practice and play exclusively in the zone in which I register?
Do I need to register at a facility in the zone in which I wish to play?
We played in Cary last winter, and are returning to the same age group as last year. Are we able to play on the same team as last year?
Do we need to attend team placements?