Hemlock Trail Map


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Distances are for a round trip starting from the Stevens Nature Center.

Swift Creek Loop Trail
0.8 mile

This trail includes views of the Hemlock trees, East Bluffs, and Swift Creek. Approximately 100 stairs must be taken both down and up. Along the trail are level floodplain terrain, mulched paths, wooden boardwalks, one bench, and two overlooks with seating. A portion of the trail from nature center to overlook at the top of Swift Creek Loop Trail stairs is accessible to some wheelchairs and to visitors with limited mobility. Although the trail is level once the steps are descended, returning up the steps can provide a challenge.

Chestnut Oak Loop Trail
1.2 miles

This loop trail winds through the upland forest with ridges, ravines and creeks. It is mulched but has uneven terrain with some mild inclines. There are four benches along the trail and one overlook with seating and views to a tributary of Swift Creek. This is the longest trail in the Preserve.

Beech Tree Cove Trail
0.9 mile

This mulched trail is stroller-accessible. The 41 stairs down to the second overlook are optional. Return ascent is moderately steep in some areas. It is accessed via the Chestnut Oak Loop Trail.

West Hemlock Overlook
0.7 mile

This mulched trail with views of the West Bluffs and Hemlock trees, is accessed via the Chestnut Oak Loop Trail. There are 19 stairs leading down to the overlook. This portion of trail is typically included as part of the Beech Tree Cove "loop" trail and is an easy return walk from the Nature Center.