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Reference Information 

Participant Numbers and Age

The minimum number of participants for all programs is 8.

The maximum number for the low course is about 70.

Maximum number for other programs is about 25.

The minimum age is 10.

Reservation and Use Policies

The course can be reserved no more than six months in advance and no less than three weeks. We will handle requests beyond these limits on a case-by-case basis.

All programs are guided by trained facilitators. Water and cups are provided. Snacks and additional beverages are the group's responsibility.

Programs during the warm months are sprinkle or shine. Programs affected by weather have an option to move indoors as long as space is available.

Payments and Cancellations

A $50 deposit is due at the time your reservation is confirmed. Payment in full is due at least two weeks prior to your program for your expected attendance. Any additional participants not paid for in advance will be billed after the program date. Payments may be made using a Visa or MasterCard, check made payable to the Town of Cary or in person using cash.
Cancellations must be received in writing no later than one week prior to your program date to receive a refund. Refunds are not provided for absent participants or cancellation requests made less than one week in advance.

Low Course

The Low Course is team building on or near the ground usually not exceeding 18 inches. Groups move through a series of activities that foster trust, leadership, communication and more. Activities are tailored to the activity and ability level of the group. A group can expect to see 2‐4 activities within a 4-hour time block.

High Course

The High Course is 35 feet high. We use harnesses, helmets and other safety equipment to maintain safety. Participants move through an obstacle course in the trees. The high course tends to be a more individual experience and also works on group encouragement and support. The high course culminates in a zip line.

Low with One High

This program begins with the low course and ends with one high event: either the Leap of Faith or The Giant Swing.

Full Day

This is both Low and High Course. We do provide an opportunity to break for lunch. Lunch is not provided. Groups are welcome to grill, bring bag lunches or have lunch catered.

Leap of Faith

This activity is an invitation to climb a tree using pegs, to a platform approximately 40 feet high. Participants are invited to jump off and tag a target rope. The rest of the team is responsible for catching the climber and lowering him/her to the ground using safety equipment and training provided. This high adventure team activity is great way to bring the team together at the end of the day. Focus is team building and trust.

Giant Swing

This activity is a giant "playground" swing. Participants wear a harness and are attached to the swing. Team members pull the swinger to a height of his/her choosing, not to exceed 25 feet. The Swinger pull the release cord and swings back and forth until they slow down. This is a great introduction to heights and the focus is fun.

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