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June 15, 2004 Meeting

Staff – Doug McRainey, Parks Planning Manager; Joe Godfrey, Parks Planner; Gail Taylor, Administrative Specialist; Meredith Bridgers, Marketing Specialist; Gigi Wainwright-Baker, Park Operations Tech; Bill Eucher, Bond Park Supervisor; Neil Tapp, Sr Park Operations Technician; Tracey Filomena, Recreation Program Specialist

PRCR Advisory Board Members - Tom Hemrick, PRCR Advisory Board Chair; Kay Strufalino, PRCR Advisory Board; Leta Huntsinger, PRCR Board Member and Greenway Committee Chair;

Toby Kennedy, PRCR Board Member and Cultural Arts Committee Chair; Reid Miner, Greenway Committee; Robert Bush, Greenway Committee

Citizens Attending – 60


Parks Planning Manager Doug McRainey welcomed citizens to the meeting and gave introductions of staff and board members.  Doug then gave a PowerPoint presentation which was an overview of the project. A question and answer period followed. A series of maps documenting the proposed trails were stationed throughout the meeting room. Those attending the meeting had two opportunities to provide comments:

  1. Written Survey
  2. Post-it Notes on Series of Maps at Meeting

Survey Responses

As a part of this meeting, attendees were given the opportunity to respond to a series of questions on a printed comment sheet.  34 comment sheets were collected after the public meeting.  Following is a record of responses.  Comment sheets were letter coded and each response below is marked with a corresponding letter code.

1.       In what neighborhood, section of town do you live?

A)            High House & Hwy 55

B)            Saratoga Park

C)            Hollow Way – Wood Hollow Drive

D)            Preston Village

E)            Trappers Run – Castalia Drive

F)             Oxxford Hunt

G)            MacDonald Woods off of Seabrook

H)            Oxxford Hunt – Ludlow Court

I)              Bond Pointe – Swiss Lake Dr

J)             Oxxford Hunt

K)            Saratoga – White Sands Dr, Property abuts park

L)             Swallow Hill

M)            Bond Pointe

N)            Trappers Run – Castalia Dr

O)            Trappers Run

P)             Oxxford Hunt

Q)             Bond Pointe

R)             Saratoga

S)             Saratoga Park

T)              Bond Point, lake trail is our backyard

U)             Parkway development – Shennandoah neighborhood

V)             Ivy Meadows

W)            Saratoga Park

X)             Hollow Sub – Stonehollow ct – baking “Battery”

Y)             Bond Pointe

Z)             Bond Pointe

AA)          Saratoga Park

BB)          Saratoga Park

CC)          Bond Pointe

DD)          Oxxford Hunt

EE)          SE Cary Near Crossroads Plaza / Ford

FF)          Bond Pointe

GG)         Bond Pointe

HH)         Oxxford Hunt

2.             Do you currently use the trails within Bond Park?  If so, which ones?

A)             All, especially White Oak

B)             Yes, Lake Trail

C)             Yes, all

D)             Yes, all

E)             Yes, all at 1 time or another, I still use the one that is closed at Castalia Drive

F)             Yes, Lake Trail, Nature Trail, Loop Trail, Fitness Trails, & Greenways

G)            Yes, all trails

H)            Yes, all of them

I)              Over the dam and around lake

J)              Yes, Loop & Lake (part of fitness)

K)             Yes, all of them

L)             Yes, Bond Park Lake Trail – Keep it as is

M)            Daily – Bond Park

N)             Lake Trail

O)            All of them

P)            Yes, all

Q)            Yes, Lake Trail

R)            Yes, Lake & Loop Trails every day

S)             Yes, Lake Trail

T)             Yes, Lake Trail

U)             Lake Trail, Cross Country

V)             Yes, all of them

W)            All Trails

X)              Yes, all

Y)             Yes, Around the Lake & Ball Fields

Z)              Variety – part XC, near fields 5,6 & 7, Nature Trail, others

AA)           On unpaved side of lake

BB)           Yes

CC)           Yes, 80% Bond Park/Oxxford Hunt, mostly trail between Cary Pkwy & the lake

DD)           Yes, Oxxford Hunt, Parkway, Loop Trail, Lake Trail, Nature Trail

EE)            All

FF)            Yes, all

GG)           Yes, all trails

HH)           Yes, all of them

3.       How do you use the trails?  (walk, run, skate, bike, watch wildlife)

A)            Walk, run

B)            Walk, bike

C)            Run

D)            Hike & bike

E)            Dog walks, wildlife, etc.

F)            Walk, run, bike & enjoy nature

G)            Run

H)            Walk, bike, watch wildlife

I)              Walk

J)              Bike & walk

K)             Walk, wildlife

L)             Walk, run, watch wildlife

M)            Walk, run, watch wildlife

N)            Walk, dog walk

O)            Hike, bike, walk

P)             Walk, Run, bike

Q)             Walk

R)             Walk, watch wildlife, enjoy nature

S)             Run

T)             Walk, watch wildlife

U)            Walk, run, bike, fish in lake

V)            Running, mountain biking

W)           Walk

X)             Walk, skate, bike

Y)            Walk, watch wildlife

Z)             Walk with 2 dogs (on leash, picking up!)

AA)          Walk, watch wildlife

BB)          Walk, run, bike

CC)          Walk, jog, wildlife, rarely bike

DD)          Run, walk, bird watch

EE)          Walk, bike, watch wildlife

FF)          Walk, run

GG)         Walk, run

HH)         Walk, run, bike, watch wildlife

4.       What are the best features of Bond Park trails?  (easy access, good trails, scenery, recreation)

A)           Good surfaces, green corridors, connectivity

B)           Good trails

C)           Good trails for most trails.  Wood chips are great!

D)           Vast variety

E)           Trails, trees, wildlife, proximity to neighborhood

F)           I love the natural trails (vs. paved trails) as they’re easier on my legs & they’re cooler than paved trails.  Easy access, scenery.

G)          All features are great!  I believe all of your unpaved trails should have a gravel base.

H)          Diversity, wilderness of Lake Trail.

I)           All of them plus well marked.

J)          Great variety of plant growth, mature trees, easy access.

K)         The park is a gem in the middle of a growing suburbia.

L)          Natural environment (don’t change, don’t pave!)

M)         Natural areas w/out development

N)         All of the above

O)         Scenic, hard to get lost

P)          Easy access, good trails, scenery, mulched

Q)          Scenery

R)          Diversity – you can pick natural, paved, quiet, busy depending on personal mood.

S)          Easy access, scenery, natural aspect

T)           Easy access, good trails (need maintenance), scenery

U)          Different trail types, different scenery, access to recreation

V)          The multitude of natural trails throughout the park and the ease with which walkers and runners can link different trails together to make a longer effort.

W)         Quiet trails, very natural trails

X)           All: Although access into park & out to other trails would be desirable + would make a system more utilized, I think.

Y)           Easy access, good trails, scenery, recreation

Z)            Large size gives lots of room to walk without feeling busy – no crowds.  Not running into too many others (+ other dogs).

AA)         Scenery

BB)         Scenic, lake views

CC)         Easy access, good trails, scenery, recreation in that order!  We really don’t use loop around lake due to twists on feet, mud & overgrowth.

DD)         Easy access, comprehensive, natural, lake, lots of unpaved trail options.

EE)         Recreation, scenery, easy access

FF)         Scenery

GG)        Easy access for us, scenery

HH)        East access, scenery, recreation.  Most are completely lined with trees.  The blacktop additions have been wonderful for families with babies and small children – as well as those in need of smooth, safe surfaces for walking.

5.       How would you improve Bond Park trails?  (improved connections, complete trail, more furnishings, better signage, improved natural areas)

A)            Upgrade backside of Lake Trail to 6 foot bark-mulched with overlooks – It’s a safety hazard.

B)            Better signage, more paved trails or mulch trails

C)            Better access, better signage!, emergency phones on trails

D)            Comprehensive signage!

E)            More mulch, less asphalt, reopen link to Castalia Drive that was closed after a developer built homes on Fox Court.  This segment is referred to as the Black Creek Greenway.

F)            More trails (natural trails), better markers, distance markers – I see the signs, but don’t ever see the “starting point”.  I often walk/run multiple parts of the trail & don’t know how far I have gone because of poor signs.  If distance was given for a “section” of a trail, I could sum this to figure out how far I’ve gone.

G)            I would improve/complete trails especially around Bond Lake.

H)            Better signage

I)              Better signage showing (pointing) to possible and or alternative exits.

J)             I think they are great as they are – see a couple of points below.

K)             There needs to be safe accessibility for everyone with better completion of trails and improved natural areas.

L)              None

M)             Leave the Lake trail natural without further improvements.

N)             Improve connections, complete trails

O)            More trails leading into park – especially via Red Fox (off Castalia), more paved trails throughout, pave a trail leading to Lazy Daze – for strollers (from paved greenways).  I suggest one paved trail linking one end of park to the other to connect to existing greenways and leave the rest of the trails unpaved.

P)            Drainage, signs for mileage

Q)            More mulch – What signage? No paving – leave trails natural

R)            More trash cans & enforcement of their use.  The fishing areas – especially base of the dam are a disgrace & a menace to pets, wildlife & small children.

S)            Fine the way it is

T)             Removal of hazards, i.e. tree roots; addition of mulch, bark

U)            Connections to other parks (like Apex reservoir), improve trail bed on west side of Lake trail – lots of erosion, roots exposed.

V)            Perhaps an overall sign w/ the colored-coded trails (similar to the maps you provided tonight).

W)           Keep natural paths, trim back plants along paths on a regular basis, remove roots that are dangerous.

X)            “Name” the trails w/ more signage at points of entry into park.

Y)             More access ways, pick up dead & damaged trees.

Z)             Shore up (pave?) soggy areas – see below

AA)          Cut roots & mulch

CC)          Widen & soft pad the Lake loop, connect trails to make them longer for bike usage, more over or underpasses at dangerous road crossings.

DD)          Signage!!  Improve trail along backside of lake – keep it natural better connectors supported by signing – volunteer effort to maintain trails (like Hemlock Bluffs).

EE)          Make the Lake trail more accessible, there are lots of roots & lots of standing H2O

FF)          Complete trails, better signs, add mulch for Lake Trail

GG)         Improve connections, better signage, fixing existing trails.

HH)         Connect/extend the paved, blacktop trail – between the YMCA and along east side of Bond Lake.

6.       Please provide any specific information regarding recommended improvements for the following trails.

* Loop Trail

E)            Periodic mulching & maintenance, no pavement

F)            Some spots fill with water when it rains hard.

I)              For my use, some sections of trail are slippery when wet.

J)             Fill a couple of wet spots.  Please consider running a new paved trail along edge of park to connect existing paved trail to the Black Creek Greenway.

R)            Please leave as is

W)           Put back some foliage

DD)          Signage, keep natural

FF)           Leave mulch

GG)          Leave mulched

HH)          Ensure bridges over creeks are well maintained – especially after major storms which can damage them.

* Nature Trail

E)             Periodic mulching & maintenance, no more pavement

F)             Some of the signs have gotten wet, (UNC (?) has a nature trail where you get a laminate card that walk with – much nicer than what Bond Park has).

K)             Keep natural (don’t pave)

W)           Good

X)             Keep natural

CC)          Make a legitimate path down to the little waterfall area *near the entrance to the ropes course).

DD)          Keep natural

EE)          Markers are discolored & sometimes hard to read.

HH)          Ground wood fiber application might be something worth considering although application of this material on trails intended for walking/running is best.

* Lake Trail

B)            Smooth out for better bike and walking/running.  Mulch not paved!

C)            The tree roots are dangerous these need fixed.

E)            Needs mulching, should remain more like a wooded path, not like some of the more major paved paths.

F)            Make this more “bike friendly” – some of the bridges have very tight angles, some spots (west side of lake) get very muddy when it rains.  Also some of paved Lake trail get covered w/ water when rains.

G)           Improve footing.  It is a fabulous trail that could be extremely useful.  Try to please the homeowners and trails users. I would not pave this path.

J)            Remove tree roots, bridge/boardwalk or fill wet areas.  Please do not pave it – it goes through a very natural area – keep narrow – just please make it safer.  Scenic overlooks would be nice, but should be a lower priority.

K)           This trail needs restoration to trees (roots) and floating bridges over wetlands.  Trees also need protection from the beavers and deer. (West side)

L)            Keep natural (don’t pave)

M)           Some are within the park should focus on natural area preservation including this trail system – exclude trail mgmt. To minimize erosion etc & maximize stability.

N)            More mulch in wash out areas

O)            No change – it is the only “rugged” trail available

P)            Leave it as is on back end of lake as much as possible, address drainage, trim overgrowth on narrow areas.

Q)            More mulch, cover tree roots

R)            Please do not widen or pave this trail.  Enough of the park is already paved – leave some natural for the hikers & nature lovers.  2 or 3 spots do need attention as they are sliding into the lake, but otherwise it’s perfect as it is.

S)            Leave as natural as possible, if mulch or pavement are added many cross-country runners would not be able to use lake trail.

T)            Erosion is a critical issue, removal of tree roots, addition of mulch/bark, level some areas for safety reasons, clear and cut down dangerous trees.

U)           Improve trail bad on west.  Do Not Pave; would ruin the lake trail, better marking.  Southern end is muddy as it leaves the woods and enter the power right-of-way – mulch this.

V)          Fix it, but keep it natural.  I would think a number of Eagle Scout projects would help…

W)         Do not change, keep it

X)           Keep it rustic & seek to keep MTBs off as much as possible.  Consult w/ MTB groups to develop trail maintenance plan.

Y)          Better maintenance

Z)          Too narrow & close to homes for me + 2 dogs, others could not pass.  Attempted 1 time, loose dog in yard deterred my progress.

AA)       Do not pave west side!

BB)       Preserve the rugged, tree-rooted section on west side as is.

DD)       Improve safety

EE)       Add boardwalk to allow for vegetation to regrow & improve erosion & make more accessible.

FF)       Mulch trail – dangerous the way it is – do not pave.

GG)      Mulch trail – the path is worn & dangerous.

HH)      Better maintenance all around.  Paved all around would be outstanding if possible, but I doubt it would be amenable to residents on the west side and I think their wishes should be given much consideration on what is done.

* Fitness Trail

E)         Same as Above. (Needs mulching, should remain more like a wooded path, not like some of the more major paved paths)

F)         Some of these fitness spots need to be fixed – signs fallen.

W)        The fitness equipment & instruction have not been well maintained (or replaced when old trails were taken out for senior & community center).  This should be fixed, expanded and well maintained.

EE)       Stations are old & rotting.  Replace & upgrade.  Might be more willing to use fitness stations if updated!

HH)       Application of chipped/shredded wood is great.

* X-Country Trail

F)           Didn’t know it existed – it obviously needs to be marked & put on the Bond Park map.

G)           Parts of the trail behind the amphitheater needs improvement.  The trail between metro and the Kiwanis shelter.

U)           Better marking

V)           Provide as much natural trail as possible!

W)          Do not pave any parts of it.

X)            Sign better – I didn’t know this is a separate trail!

Z)            Between greenway and field 5 gets very puddled for several days after rain.

EE)         Not marked??

HH)         Better marking of this trail

Other Ideas or Comments

D)           Create hierarchy: - Major spine w/ Black Creek, Swift Creek, White Oak & Oxxford Hunt Greenways paved – Lake Trail natural! – Remainder mostly mulched w/ some paving as necessary – Keep Black Creek Trail on sewer easement not on Loop Trail.

E)           Lets keep existing greenways open & mulched, no real justification for high dollar paving.  Lets keep the park natural! But well maintained.  I know some paved paths are desirable, but lets at least get the paths cleared & opened especially the Castalia link.   This is the only instance I know of where an existing greenway path has been closed.  Lets reopen it BEFORE we spend time & resources on new paths.  The Trappers Run neighborhood is 20 years old, & this access to Bond Park has been closed by a developers work on Fox Court.  This should be a priority for long time residents.  Simplify the plans, we don’t really need 8 different kinds of paths.

F)           Please keep lots of natural trails – they’re cool & easier on legs.  If you do pave, Could you please consider using a material that absorbs & limits shock?  I personally like the west side of the lake trail – (what some say is “dangerous”).  I can “be in the middle of nowhere” minutes away form “civilization”.  It’s great “single track” for biking.  Thanks for considering “the people” in your design.

G)          I truly appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback.  Bond Park has truly changed and flourished over the past 15 years.  I believe your creating a great plan.  Thanks!

H)          I love it the way it is.  Sorry!

J)          Although I bike on trails, I am not a true “Mountain Biker” so I would not like to be riding on a trail with fast-riding riders, jumping, etc.  I like easy-riding enjoying nature along the way.  Please maintain the natural beauty as much as possible – please minimize asphalt!

K)         The city easement water drainage between (15’ x 35’) approx. 123 White Sands and 124 White Sands needs to be cleaned out and rip rap put in to slow erosion of the trail.  This has definitely affected the trail in the last 10 years.

N)         We would like to have the Black Creek Greenway reopened.  I moved to 1306 Castalia Dr in 1989.  We had a greenway from Castalia into Bond Park at that time.  In the mid 90’s, a developer put in a small development called Red Rox.  The developer destroyed the greenway and added that land to backyards.  We were shut down.  We only want our greenway back.

Q)         Enforce dog leash law and popper scooper law.

T)         What is imperative!  Take the maintenance of our parks and greenways away from public works.  Establish a Parks Superintendent position, include park maintenance workers who would be assigned specific parks to maintain daily (also trails).  Within that Parks maintenance division, many talented people would be found to deal with park design and/or arborist concerns.  Public Works has to be out of the picture.  No need to connect all these trails.  The trails and Bond Park are saturated.  We don’t need other.  The Town is growing so fast, I’m fearful of too much use/overuse of the trails.  Don’t pave Lake trail, use funds to improve and clear unsafe conditions.  Control erosion.  Trails are not maintained now how could we possibly handle maintenance of all the proposals for linkage?

V)         The Cross Country course at Bond Park has truly been a blessing to innumerable young runners over the years.  I appreciate the Town of Cary taking the time to keep the Cross Country course intact.

W)        I am very concerned re: Bond Park becoming a hub.  The increase traffic will tax the park resources, may require additional parking and destroy natural beauty & resources.

X)          Thanks for sending our postcard notices of this mtg… otherwise, I wouldn’t have known about it!  I appreciate the opportunity for input.

Y)          Pooper Scoopers!

Z)          What happened to bike patrol?  (There used to be signs saying so).  Was there ever one?  What can be done about owners with unleashed dogs?  They present a danger to everyone, though they may not realize it.  They are a particular problem for park users with dog(s) on leashes.  (I am not planning to be a dog park user).

CC)       Thanks for asking for my input!  Take out the dangerous holes/bumps on the famous snow sledding hill that is adjacent to the lake.  Take down the signs people keep running into that say “No sledding”.  : )  Boy Scouts do a great job on one access trail – ask them to take on more “special projects” like this.  Please put in a stretch of sidewalk on High House that lead from the Bond Park area to the Kroger shopping center.  If tight on $$, put public art into your next master plan after this one is done.  Give me access again (used to have it) from the east ball fields back out to the street (this access trail would run parallel w/ High House).  More steel trash cans, every 2 miles or so.  I’m interested in connecting & lengthening than in paving.  Pave only a system thoroughfare through the park, not intertwining around within it!  Increase access points to streets.  These are very few & far between re: Bond Park trails.  But don’t cut through my yard. : )  The fewer signs the better.  We really don’t need more “Cary Rules” signs but we do need signs at intersections w/ pointers.  More educational signs that explain the scenery (tree types, birds, bugs, etc.)

DD)       Trail marker & identifiers aren’t always accurate & confusing.

HH)        In general, I must say as a 17 year resident of this area (in the same location), I’ve been delighted with our wonderful trail/greenway system.  Thanks to all behind the effort to make and keep this gem of Cary for all to enjoy!

Trails Review “Post-it” Responses

Individual Trail Maps:

·           Keep the unpaved portions of the loop trail unpaved – It’s beautiful scenery & easier on the body.  It’s cooler than pavement.

·           If I wanted to walk on pavement I’d walk on the streets of the subdivision.

·           Please provide distance between 2 points, so if doing parts of lots of trails you can figure out about how far you’ve gone.

·           Provide access through Fox Run (paved) into Bond Park ASAP.

·           Reopen link from Castalia.  This is the only case I am aware of where an existing path was closed.  This should be a priority.

·           Keep internal trails natural.

·           West side trail: cut roots again & mulch – keep it mulched.  Do not pave!

·           Improve, but do not pave trail along backside of lake.

·           Need better signage.

·           Provide natural shoulder along paved trails – at least 2’ * 6’

·           Reopen the portion of trail that was originally open.  (Castalia)

·           Keep this path natural & reopen it.  (Castalia)

·           Please consider a new paved trail near edge of park connecting to existing paved trail rather than paving the beautiful section of the Loop trail near the ball fields.  (Near Fields 2 & 3)

·           Low spot issue with erosion – have gravel here.  (Between where trail crosses over Bond Park Drive and it comes close to Steel Trap Ct)

·           Keep this as a nature trail.  Do not pave!  (South side of lake)

·           Need more park access from these areas.  (West side of lake)

Nature Trail

·           Maintain + mulch paths, no need for expensive paving.

·           Keep the greenway mulch.

·           Signage id poor & weather worn.  I love the mulch.  Please keep it.

·           Keep unpaved trails.  No more paving please.

·           Provide a paved section leading to Lazy Daze (playground) for strollers from the other paved trails.

·           Consider crushed gravel.

·           Sometimes have issues with cars.  Please put up a sign to be aware of pedestrians so we don’t get run over.  (Crossing at Maury O’Dell Place)

Lake Trail

·           I have been a homeowner on Bond Lake for 12 ½ years.  Many of us really appreciated “living with the mess”.  The primitive trails provide a uniqueness to the city park that can’t be found anywhere else.  People concerned about it being dangerous need to travel on the opposite side of the lake.  This park is beautiful as is and needs some limited maintenance, otherwise please leave it undisturbed!  How lucky we are to have a city park in such a natural state.

·           Keep lake trail natural, it’s beautiful, it’s cooler than paved trail, it’s fun to bike on, I pretend I’m in the middle of nowhere, this can’t be done on paved trails. 

·           Make the bridges so they don’t have hard angles - hard to manipulate on a bike.

·           No “overlook areas” on west side of lake please.  This would destroy the natural beauty of the area.

·           Uneven trails are good for us – they keep us coordinated.  Scientifically proven that those who exercise on uneven surfaces are less likely to fall because our brain-body connection has been strengthened.

·           Lake trail (west side) needs erosion control, tree maintenance and floating bridges over wetlands trail.

·           Please leave south & west Lake trail as close to primitive as possible.  Residents are too close to trail for a paved path.  It would add too much traffic.  Address drainage on lake trail on as needed basis.  Occasionally trim over growth on narrow areas.  Preserve the multi-use Lake trail.

·           Lake trail water easement on White Sands needs cleaning out and extensive rip rap.

·           Mulch the Lake trail.  Do not pave the loop.

·           The Lake trail needs protection from beavers and deer destroying the trees.

·           Priority should be to preserve Lake trail, not change it into Lake Pine.

·           Keep Lake trail available to mountain bikers.  Let all trails be multi-use.

·           A paved path on the west side would destroy many of trees and natural habitat.  Cary needs at least one natural park.

·           Preserve the Lake trail, but do not destroy it by over-civilizing it.  Do not pave.

·           No more buildings!  Remove trees only for trails & hazards.  (Near Community & Senior Centers)

·           Do not pave Lake trail.  Keep natural.

·           No more paving anywhere.

·           Footpaths around ball fields would be nice.  (Near Fields 5, 6 & 7)

·           Please fix this corner.  (North west corner of Lake trail right before crossing the dam)

·           One goal of park management should be preservation of natural areas including the trail.  Stability & erosion control is necessary otherwise leave it alone.  (West side of lake)

·           Remove dangerous tree roots.  Bridge/Boardwalk over wet areas.  Scenic overlooks would be nice, but a lower priority.  Please do not pave it – it goes through beautiful natural area – keep it as natural as possible.  (West side of lake)

·           This part of the trail is narrow between homes and a steep bank.  How about a water-level “floating boardwalk” here, and avoid trying to improve the steep and narrow part of the trail.  (West side of lake along Wittlewood Dr)

·           Fix Lake trail around Swallow Hill.  (South side of lake along Swallow Hill)

·           High mud build up near bridge.  (Southeast side of lake)

Fitness Trail

·           A well maintained mulch trail can take the place of several other types of trails.

·           Can some trees be planted to provide shade?  (Open area on the trail between Community & Senior Centers)

·           Gets very slick on the downhill when it rains.  (Near Steel Trap Ct)

·           Need to maintain & replace equipment removed when Senior Citizen and Community Centers built.

·           “Grade“ the trail approximately behind Fox Sub as it crosses Castalia.

·           Seek to maintain mulched trails where they aren’t part of “the” system.

·           Keep the greenway mulch.

·           Signage id poor & weather worn.  I love the mulch.  Please keep it.

X-Country Course

·         As a jogger, you can’t beat a natural path.  Paved are nice, but hard on joints, ankles, shins, etc.

·         Please enforce leash laws around lake!

·         Maybe too grand of a plan.  Don’t know that we need 8 types of paths.  Keep paths natural.

·         Keep x-country trail unpaved.  Please get this added to maps & get marked so we can use it.  Thanks! – Yes, please.

·         No Paving please.  Keep as natural as can be to remain slope.  (West side of lake)

Proposed Trail Maps

A)   Paved Oxxford Hunt & White Oak Greenway and trail improvements on Swift Creek, Black Creek & Crabtree Creek Greenways, and improvements to the Lake Trail.

·           Connect to Apex Reservoir  (Swift Creek Greenway)

·           Boardwalk low spots (Southwest area of Lake Trail)

·           How about using Trafalgar and have a trail go down the field to connect with the paved trail to the east side of the lake?  For security reasons!  (Southeast side of Lake Trail/Oxxford Hunt Greenway)

·           Keep it as is.  That’s what diversity is all about!  (West side of Lake Trail)

·           Leave as trail but maintain.  (West side of Lake Trail)

·           Please minimize pavement – keep Bond Park as beautifully natural as possible.

·           Open the old road into Bond Park off Castalia.  Keep it mulch.

·           This needs to be reopened!  Doesn’t have to be paved!  A maintained mulched path is ok.  (Black Creek Greenway)

·           Concerned about increased traffic on Black Creek path as it enters Bond Park Hub.  Prefer mulch path.  Concern with paved path about loss of privacy & increased traffic & noise.

B)   Combined soft surface & greenway trails where Loop Trail runs along the Black Creek Greenway, from Boathouse up to Community Center, and X-Country Course through the field & along the base of the dam out to White Oak Greenway.

·           Leave as a hiking path, maintain & mulch.  (West side of Lake Trail)

·           Needs Access.  (White Oak Greenway just outside of Bond Park)

·           Reopen link to a 20 year old neighborhood.  (Black Creek Greenway)

·           Mulch more & maintain.  No need for high dollar paving.  (East side of Loop Trail)

C)   All trails showed, but no improvements indicated.

·           Maintain mulch.  Make this a hiking only path, no bikes, etc.  (West side of Lake Trail)

·           Fix trail backing Trafalgar.  It’s bad. 

·           Proposed trail along street.  Cheaper!!  (South side of Lake Trail moved to along Trafalgar Lane via easements from road to Park)

·           Mulch & maintain existing paths.

·           A good idea.  (Trail along base of dam (?))

Sept. 14, 2004 Meeting – Review of Plan Recommendations

Staff - Doug McRainey, Parks Planning Manager; Joe Godfrey, Parks Planner; Gail Taylor, Administrative Specialist; Meredith Bridgers, Marketing Specialist; Gigi Wainwright-Baker, Park Operations Tech; Bill Eucher, Bond Park Supervisor; Neil Tapp, Sr. Park Operations Technician;

Tracey Filomena, Recreation Program Specialist

PRCR Advisory Board Members - Tom Hemrick, PRCR Advisory Board Chair; Kay Strufalino, PRCR Advisory Board; Leta Huntsinger, PRCR Board Member and Greenway Committee Chair;

Toby Kennedy, PRCR Board Member and Cultural Arts Committee Chair; Reid Miner, Greenway Committee; Robert Bush, Greenway Committee

Citizens Attending – 70

Public Comment Summary

·         A number of questions were received regarding the need to pave trails within Bond Park. Several attendees indicated a preference for natural trails.

·         Several other attendees indicated a preference for paved trails and that they could be used year round.

·         There were many comments regarding the segment of trail from Castalia into Bond Park and why this hadn’t been completed.

·         Many attending the meeting indicated their enjoyment of the “Lake Trail” along the west side of Bond Lake and that they did not want it improved.

·         Others attending the meeting indicated that the “Lake Trail” had not been maintained and needed improvement.

·         One citizen cautioned the other attendees regarding the Town’s intention.  He complained that a greenway was scheduled to be constructed adjacent to his property.  He was against this project and was upset that the Town was going ahead with it.

Written Comments

·         Consider a simple random survey to get balanced input on the greenways. These plans are not well known to non-affected homeowners…or put a message in BUD.

·         Narrower trails please.  8-10 ft are too wide.  A 4 ft trail is better.

·         The diversity of the trail system in Cary is one of its most attractive features.  Let’s keep that diversity intact.  The more paving we do, the more the parks & forests begin to resemble the city.  If I want to walk in the city, I can do that along the sidewalks.

·         Extend unpaved trail along base of dam past boathouse & along Oxxford Hunt Greenway on the one side & to the YMCA on the other.

·         As I (and others) have been saying NATURAL surface trails are the way to go. Seems majority of people responding do not want the atmosphere of walking on a city sidewalk.  I was encouraged and amazed at the huge number of comments asking for natural trails.  I like to go to a park to get away from asphalt, cement, brick and other man-made structures.

·         Agree with no more buildings in Bond Park.  It is past "built out" in my opinion.

·         Interesting that some people are concerned about Bond Park as a HUB for greenways.  I think we need to address this by making it obvious how to get through the park easily for those that are passing through.  I guess that parking could become an issue if it becomes popular to look at Bond Park as a starting point and then hike or bike on the various trails that will be connecting to the park.  Anyway, I think the Hub idea is the way to go.

·         Thank you for forwarding this information.  I did want to take the opportunity to let you know how pleased I am with the draft plan for the Bond Park Trail system.  As a regular user of the park I am particularly happy with the balance between trail surfaces that this plan achieves.  I realize that no plan will ever please everyone, but this plan certainly goes a long way in addressing the needs that I heard at the first public meeting as well as comments made during the overall PRCR master planning process.

·         With Bond Park being the hub of the greenway system it is imperative that strong linkages be provided the neighboring communities as well as to the overall greenway system.  This was done well with the combination of a paved trail on the main spine of Black Creek and White Oak and on the secondary spines with improved soft surface trails - a higher quality than the mulch trails, but respecting the request from the public not to pave everything.

·         On a final note, I would like to encourage the Town to give the lake trail its fair due.  While I do not want to see this trail paved, I believe that it is a treasure and should be treated as such when improvements and funding are discussed.

Recommendation 1:  Reopen access from Castalia Drive and extend paved trail (Black Creek Greenway) into Bond Park. Locate paved segment along sewer easement to eliminate impact to Loop Trail. Utilize and rename segment of paved Oxxford Hunt Greenway for Black Creek Greenway. Develop new segment of Black Creek Greenway around Boathouse.


·         Reopen link…only need path not major paved trail.

·         I applaud the reopening of the Castalia Access, but please consider a narrower path due to proximity of homes.

·         Reopen Castalia link…don’t pave…expedite the reopening.

·         Reopen Castalia Drive access.

·         Paved trails behind houses significantly increase reflector of heat & widen swath w/o tree behind houses…try to keep access points unpaved.

·         Reopen Castalia link…only need path...restore use immediately.

·         Trail crossing at Castalia should be signed “Stop” Fast Traffic  on Castalia.  Also, sign “Roadway” (Castalia) to indicate trail crossing from both approaches.  Possibly mark pavement?

·         Only instance of developer’s closing greenway Trail.  Reopen Castalia link…leave unpaved.

·         Please reopen section (Castalia to Bond) NOW.  Trail type 2 or 6 is sufficient…doesn’t need to be paved.

·         This link should not have been closed…reopen ASAP…only needs to be mulched.

·         Reopen Castalia link NOW…doesn’t have to be paved.

·         Please reopen soon….3.5 years w/o this access has been too long.  Doesn’t need to be paved.

·         Black Creek – please reopen this segment.

·         .......I am pleased to hear that this link will be reopened. Rather than paving this section, I would support the creation of a ‘natural surface’ trail similar to the Bike and Bridle trail in Umstead State Park.  As you know, stormwater management is a major environmental problem, and I think creating greenway linkages with minimal paved surfaces should be a primary goal of the master plan.  I think that the neighbors backing this segment would prefer natural surface to pavement as well.

Recommendation 2:  Pave trail segment from Boathouse Area and extend along base of dam to where trails link with Parkway Greenway. Rename Parkway Greenway as new segment of the White Oak Creek Greenway.


Again, would it be possible to use an alternative material to pavement?

Recommendation 3:  Retain current layout of cross-country course. Develop 6-8’ wide natural trail adjacent to any trail that is paved. (along base of dam) Utilize input from local x-country coaches and teams before any improvements are made.


Thank you for getting input from local cross-country coaches & teams before making improvements to the cross country trail.

I support this recommendation in any instance where an existing natural trail must be paved.  A good compromise.

Recommendation 4:  Establish new soft-surface greenway which will extend from Cary Parkway to base of dam.


We have two dozen homes in Fairfax/Huntsmoor who would like an exiting sewer easement made into access point for entry to trail.  We don’t like to take our families onto the Cary Speedway (Parkway).

Good recommendation.

Recommendation 5:  Develop plan for the improvement of the Lake Trail along west side of Bond Lake for the purpose of making it more maintainable and accessible.  Provide opportunity for public input into development of Lake Trail improvement plan.


·         Do not pave WEST side when “improvements” are done

·         Consult w/state parks, MTB organizations who conduct trail maintenance on narrow wooded trails to get recommendations on how to improve this section long term.  Continue to advise public as input is gathered and plans formulated on Lake Trail.

·         I like the roots – plus, removing them risks major tree damage.

·         The lake trail can be improved (without paving) by filling between roots using various materials.  Not a good idea to cut out roots - roots supports the soil and prevents erosion. One idea is graduated gravel screenings -- large gravel on bottom and graduate up to very fine for top layer. See American Tobacco trail and Umstead Park multi-use trails for examples. There are places where more complex wooden structures might be in order. I recommend the IMBA (International Mtn Biking Assn) latest trail building book for ideas. See: "Trail Solutions Book"

·         Agree with comment on multi-use trails -- any changes to the lake trail or others should not exclude mountain bikes.

·         Good recommendation.

Recommendation 6:  Develop a soft-surface greenway along southern leg of the Lake Trail. Extend this trail segment to intersection of West Chatham and Cary Parkway.


·         Well thought out plan for an improved trail around the lake.

·         Consider alternative to soft-surface greenway.

·         The wider the trail the more sunlight & heat.  The forest provides an important cooling element that should be retained.

·         I believe your target user for this trail is cyclists.  As a cyclist, if the soft-surface trail would be comparable to the new trails at Umstead & State Park…it would be horrible!  Even though its fine gravel it is truly like sand & very difficult to ride on.

·         Keep lake trail as natural & wooded as possible.  8-foot is too wide.

·         Keep trail as narrow as possible…4 ft or less!  Any wider will alter the whole feel of the area.

·         If drainage is a problem, consider boardwalks before creating raised surface (gravel or paved) trails.

·         Good recommendation.

Recommendation 7:  Establish formal trail link to Oxxford Hunt Recreation Area parking lot. Obtain easement from Oxxford Hunt HOA.


Good recommendation.

Recommendation 8:  Renovate existing trails (Loop, Nature, Fitness) as needed, including drainage improvements, bridge renovations and signage.

As a regular user of the loop trail I am also happy that we were able to preserve the unpaved portion while still providing a paved linkage for Black Creek.  This example as well as the trail at the base of the dam are both good examples of thinking outside of the box.

Recommendation 9:  Develop and implement sign plan for trail system within Bond Park.


·         Consider path along sewer easement from Castalia/Steel Trap over to floodplain. Signage…Signage…Signage

·         Yay on #9. I think there are many trails that folks aren’t even aware of.

·         Signs would be great

·         Agree with comments on Directional Signs within Bond park.  I can see how people might get lost or just miss-out on trails or other features in the park because there is nothing to tell them what is there.

·         This will be a wonderful addition to the park.  I am still getting disoriented after spending time in the park for the past 3 months!  And I like the charm of the old fitness stations.

·         Agree with comment on enforcing leash laws.  There should be SIGNAGE reminding users of parks, trails, greenways that Cary really DOES have a leash law. This issue is more important than signs for "Closing at Sunset". The leash law should also be extended to state: "Maximum leash length: 6 feet".

Recommendation 10:  Construct informational kiosks (w/ maps of Bond Park and trails) at the following locations:  Bond Park Boathouse, vicinity of Bond Park Community Center parking lot, vicinity of parking lots.


It would be great if some of these kiosks could include natural history information, things people could look for as they hiked around (i.e. native plant species, birds, and insects).  This would also be a good place to post general information about events happening in our community.

Sept. 28, 2004 Meeting

Staff – Doug McRainey, Parks Planning Manager; Joe Godfrey, Parks Planner; Gail Taylor, Administrative Specialist; Meredith Bridgers, Marketing Specialist; Gigi Wainwright-Baker, Park Operations Tech; Bill Eucher, Bond Park Supervisor; Neil Tapp, Sr Park Operations Technician.

Tracey Filomena, Recreation Program Specialist

PRCR Advisory Board Members – Tom Hemrick, PRCR Advisory Board Chair; Kay Strufalino, PRCR Advisory Board; Leta Huntsinger, PRCR Board Member and Greenway Committee Chair;

Toby Kennedy, PRCR Board Member and Cultural Arts Committee Chair; Reid Miner, Greenway Committee; Robert Bush, Greenway Committee

Citizens Attending - 5

(Review of changes based on Sept. 14, 2004 meeting; priorities and implementation schedule for recommendations)

Public Input

·         Public meeting attendee asked why the trails had to be paved at all

·         Several questions were asked related to the Castalia connection.  Recommendation was made to provide temporary trail connection into Bond Park from Castalia

·         Staff was thanked for providing opportunity for public meeting