Bond Park Trails Master Plan

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In our continuing effort to ensure that parks and recreation facilities keep pace with the community's long-term needs and vision, the Town of Cary is developing a master plan to update the trails within Fred G. Bond Metro Park.

Primary short and long-term goals of the final master plan are:

  • Ensuring connectivity and continuity of the Town's regional greenway system with Bond Park serving as the connector hub
  • Providing access to and facilitating use of the trails for the largest number of persons, with consideration for their varying abilities, disabilities, needs, and interests
  • Renovating and maintaining the trails
  • Preserving the park's natural resources
  • Reducing conflicts with adjacent landowners
  • Improving trail signage

Since various potential options to achieving these goals may conflict with each other, the staff will receive ideas on each goal and work with citizens for solutions that provide the best balance for the entire community.


As with all our planning, this project includes a variety of opportunities for citizen input. The Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department will host a series of public meetings for citizen input on this important community issue.

  • June 15, 2004 - Initial public presentation
  • Sept. 14, 2004 (7 p.m. at Cary Senior Center Ballroom II ) - Review and public comment on draft alternatives
  • Sept. 28, 2004 (7 p.m. at Cary Senior Center Ballroom II) - Final draft plan presentation

See a summary of citizens' comments concerning the meetings.


In December 2003, the Town Council approved the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Facilities Master Plan. The proposed greenway system includes over 170 miles of trails. A major aspect of the greenway plan includes a recommendation to develop Bond Park as a "hub" of the greenway system due to its central location. Four major greenways potentially could link to Bond Park.

Bond Park, which is off High House Road, is Cary's largest and most popular park. It has a diversity of amenities, including over four miles of hiking trails, more than any other Cary park. Trails within Bond Park feature paved and unpaved surfaces, providing opportunities for fitness and nature exploration.


Doug McRainey
Parks planning manager
(919) 460-4973