Runner On White Oak BoardwalkThe White Oak Creek Greenway originates in Bond Park. It currently consists of segments of trail which extend from Bond Park to Green Level Church Road in the west of Cary, a combined distance of 4.7 miles. The White Oak Creek Greenway, along with the Black Creek Greenway represent two of the Town's most important regional greenways. When completed, these two trails will extend over a distance of 14 miles and connect to the American Tobacco Trail, Durham, Bond Park, Lake Crabtree County Park, Umstead State Park, and Raleigh. This trail section within Cary was recently added to the East Coast Greenway, which will eventually go from Maine to Florida.


Length:  4.7 miles, in 2 sections

Trail Width/Surface:  10-foot wide asphalt

Used For:  Walking, running bicycling, walking leashed dogs, pushing strollers and wheelchairs

Hours:  Dawn to Dusk

Special Considerations: There is a 1.2-mile sidewalk connector section bypassing the greenway section still remaining to be constructed between MacArthur Drive and Davis Drive.

Restrooms: Bond Park, Davis Drive Park, White Oak Park

Benches: Yes

Connects To: Bond Park, Black Creek Greenway, Cary YMCA, Davis Drive Park, Davis Drive Street-Side Trail, Davis Drive Schools, Park Village Greenway, White Oak Park, Batchelor Branch Greenway


Bond Park Greenway Trailhead:  Park at Bond Park Boathouse Parking Lot or at Bond Park Community Center Parking Lot, short walk to trailhead kiosk.

Crabtree Creek Greenway Trailhead:  Park at Bond Park Ropes Course parking lot, walk along Crabtree Creek Greenway to access White Oak Creek Greenway.

Davis Drive Park: From the parking lot, cross Davis Drive to access White Oak Creek Greenway on west side of road, just south of Davis Drive Middle School.

White Oak Park: From the parking lot, short walk to access White Oak Creek Greenway.

White Oak Creek Trailhead: The newest trailhead is located at 8232 Green Level Church Road near Roberts Road and is located at the Green Level High School.  A 22-space parking lot now provides direct access via a short walk along Green Level Church Road on a street-side trail that crosses over a bridge crossing White Oak Creek.

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On the eastern end, the trail can be accessed from the parking lot at Bond Community Center or from the Bond Boathouse parking lot. A short walk leads to the Greenway Hub kiosk where the trail officially starts. From here the the greenway goes west below the dam on Bond Lake for 0.3 miles and then turns right into the woods.  After about 300 feet the Crabtree Creek Greenway joins the trail on the right. White Oak Creek Greenway follows a small stream for 0.6 miles to the point where it goes under Cary Parkway. After another 0.3 miles, the trail, which is incomplete at this point, deviates to follow a sidewalk connector along MacArthur Drive to Waldo Rood and south along Davis Drive to just beyond the Davis Drive Schools. At the 0.6 mile point the trail is joined by Park Village Greenway. After 0.2 miles more you'll reach the 12-acre White Oak Park where there are amenities.

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From the White Oak Park the trail goes west, crossing the busy two-lane Jenks Carpenter Road where there is a rectangular rapid flashing beacon to enhance safety. The trail goes along the creek's edge and within neighborhoods for 0.8 miles. At NC Highway 55 there is a pedestrian underpass. From there, the trail continues to follow along a stream with considerable wetland areas for 0.8 miles to reach the pedestrian underpass at I-540, the Triangle Expressway.

After the pedestrian underpass at I-540, the trail winds along close to a major wetland area. At the 0.9 mile mark the Bachelor Branch Greenway joins the trail from the north. Presently the trails crosses wetlands with 1700 feet of boardwalks. The trail threads through a pedestrian underpass at Green Level Church Rd. and continues through Apex all the way to the American Tobacco Trail. This segment of trail consists of 1.5 miles of boardwalk and .5 miles of concrete and asphalt.

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