Weldon Ridge GreenwayWeldon Ridge Greenway is a 1.3 mile trail consisting of 3 sections. There is 0.5 miles of street-side trail along along Weldon Ridge Boulevard, a 0.2 mile section along Yates Store Road and a 0.6 mile off-road section in between, skirting the Weldon Ridge neighborhood. Future plans are for construction of Montvale Greenway, which will provide connection to the American Tobacco Trail. Southbridge Greenway can be accessed completely on street-side trail from Weldon Ridge Trail by traveling south on Weldon Ridge Boulevard to Morrisville Parkway and then 0.2 miles to the east.

Weldon Ridge Greenway Map


Length: 1.3 miles

Trail Width/Surface: 10-foot wide paved asphalt/concrete

Used For: Walking, running, bicycling, walking leashed dogs, skating, roller blading, pushing strollers, wheelchairs.

Hours: Dawn to Dusk

Special Considerations: None

Facilities: None

Special Features: None

Benches: Yes


This trail is best accessed from Morrisville Parkway coming from the east.

Travel down Yates Store Road when coming from the north. The trail can be reached on Yates Store Road or where Yates Store Road turns off onto Weldon Ridge Boulevard.

All parking is on-street.