Piney Plains Greenway PhotoAlthough Piney Plains Greenway covers only a short distance at the present time, it leads to the important Hinshaw and Pirate's Cove Greenway System on the west end and will be an important future connection to the existing Speight Branch Greenway.  Already MacDonald Woods Park and Marla Dorrel Park are accessible on foot from this greenway, and someday there will be a park at Tryon Road on Speight Branch Greenway, also accessible from the Piney Plains Greenway.Piney Plains Greenway Map


Length: 0.2 miles

Trail Width/Surface: 10-foot wide concrete and asphalt

Used For: Walking, running, bicycling, walking leashed dogs, skating, roller blading, pushing strollers, wheelchairs

Hours: Dawn to Dusk

Special Considerations: None

Facilities: None

Special Features: None

Benches: No

Connects To: Hinshaw Greenway, Marla Dorrel Park, MacDonald Woods, Park


By road, travel from Tryon Road to Wellingborough Drive to Forest Park Way to reach Piney Plains Greenway. On foot, it can be reached from the northern end of the Marla Dorrel Park on the Hinshaw Greenway. It can also be reached on foot from MacDonald Woods Park by crossing the Highway 1/64 Pedestrian Bridge on the Hinshaw Greenway and going south until you meet the Piney Plains on your left. Be sure to check out the public art installation on the pedestrian bridge.


The best place to park for access to this short greenway section is in the parking lot at Marla Dorrel Park. From there travel along Hinshaw Greenway for 0.2 miles to reach Piney Plains.