Higgins Greenway


The Higgins Greenway was reconstructed and stabilized a degraded stream channel section of a Swift Creek tributary in 2013. Along with this project, an 0.8 mile section of Higgins Greenway running parallel to the stream was repaved, with the addition of several new bridges. The greenway goes between SW Maynard Road and Union Street, with additional connector sections leading to Danforth Drive and West Chatham Street.  Over 8,000 plants were put in the ground to aid the restoration of vegetation. Future plans are in store for another phase of stream restoration and another mile of greenway construction to connect up with roads to the north and east to downtown Cary. To learn more about this project please visit the Project Page.

Higgins Greenway Public Art 

Higgins Greenway Public Art RFQ

The Town of Cary is working with metal artist Lisa Elias to create a work of art along the greenway that will complement the Hillcrest Cemetery. Read an excerpt from the artist statement below to learn more about the artist and the public art project: 

"The true power of my artistic ability, is to harmonize the disparate element of steel and gracefully turn it into meaningful art work. I have an understanding and the experience working with sustainable and durable materials. I’ve been forging and fabricating art work in Minneapolis Minnesota for over 20 years. Over the years I’ve designed gates, railings, lighting, benches and sculptural work. My art work has been integrated into City’s sidewalks, historic parks, interiors public spaces and urban landscapes. I’ve worked with designers, architects, traffic engineers and city planners creating work that is beautiful, thoughtful and designed with purpose.

My hope is to develop striking works of art that act as an entrance and exit point- for the Hillcrest Cemetery- work that would be complimentary in color to the natural surrounding and have impact to this historic site. My work is often seen as organic and graceful, which in turn would provide a distinguished entrance and exit gate, benches to reflect on, and a path to complement the site".
Meet the artist! Watch a video here to see a tour of Lisa Elias' studio.









Length: 0.8 miles

Trail Width/Surface: 10-foot wide asphalt

Used For: Walking, running, bicycling, walking leashed dogs, skating, roller blading, pushing strollers, wheelchairs

Hours: Dawn to Dusk

Special Considerations: None

Restrooms: None

Special Features: Bridges and boardwalks within wetland restoration section

Benches: Yes

Connects To: Dorothy Park


Access this trail from a variety of streets in the area: West Chatham Street, Union Street, Danforth Drive. On the ground from SE Maynard Road traveling to the north you will reach the connector to Danforth Drive at about 0.4 miles on the left. At 0.5 miles there is a turn-off to West Chatham Street on the left. If you make the right hand turn to go on along the trail you'll come to Union Street and the mini-park called Dorothy Park at 0.8 miles.


On-street parking only on adjacent roads.