Cary Park Lake Greenway is a loop trail around a two-part lake totally within the Cary Park subdivision.  Cary Glen Boulevard bisects the lake where the off-road trail joins with a sidewalk to cross midway over the lake. Circling the whole lake will require using two striped pedestrian cross-walks on Cary Glen Boulevard. The east side of the trail connects up to Mills Park via pedestrian walkway under busy Green Level Church Road. Future plans are for the northern section of this greenway to be extended in both directions to become part of Panther Creek Greenway. A southern connection to Southbridge Greenway is now complete.

Cary Park Lake Greenway Map


Length: 1.9 miles

Trail Width/Surface: 10 foot wide asphalt

Used For: Walking, running, bicycling, walking leashed dogs, skating, roller blading, pushing strollers, wheelchairs

Hours: Dawn to Dusk

Special Considerations: None

Restrooms: None

Features: None

Benches: Yes

Connects To: Mills Park


A greenway connector under Green Level Church Road joins Mills Park to this greenway. From there, the path goes west around the lake. It crosses Cary Glen Road two times. At this time most of the greenway is unshaded and passes between the houses and the lake.


Park on-street near Cary Glen Boulevard entrances.  Pedestrians and bicyclists can enter from Green Level Church Road Street-Side Trail using the pedestrian tunnel.