Arts Alfresco

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Black Creek Public Art

Black Creek Greenway together with the public art creates The Arts Alfresco. The artist, Brad Spencer, developed a unique educational opportunity within the greenway that tells a cohesive story about the arts and art-making. He uses native North Carolina brick material, carving while it's still malleable, then firing the brick and installing it much like a brick mason would lay a wall or column.

The same art-making theme has been incorporated into the Black Creek Greenway's pedestrian bridge on NW Maynard Road, at the entrance wing walls, to the underpass that leads to the Robert V. Godbold Park, at the corner of High House and Maynard Roads greenway crossing, and at a rest area on the corner of Maynard and Chapel Hill Roads. The wing walls also feature tiles created by local students at Cary Arts Center workshop programs, which illustrate public art sites around Cary.

The Arts Alfresco, Italian for "in the fresh (air)" illustrates how creative thought and action can be inspired by the open air environment.  It depicts people in the act of creating:

  • paintings on the underpass wing walls
  • music and literature at the Chapel Hill/Maynard Road intersection rest area
  • sculpted pottery and welded sculpture at the pedestrian bridge over the railroad 
  • sculpted brick columns at the High House/Maynard Road intersection rest area