AnnieJonesGreenwayMost parts of this greenway follow small streams; the whole trail is in woods. Annie Jones Greenway consists of two branches. The east branch starts at the intersection of Lake Pine Drive and Cary Parkway and ends at Gatehouse Drive. The west branch runs from McCloud Court through Annie Jones Park and across Tarbert Drive ending at the east branch a few hundred feet from SW Cary Parkway. Both branches are paved.

AnnieJonesGreenwayMapGreenway Overview

Length: 1.2 miles

Trail Width/Surface: 6-10 foot wide asphalt and concrete

Used For: Walking, running, bicycling, walking leashed dogs, pushing strollers

Hours:  Dawn to Dusk

Restrooms:  Annie Jones Park

Features:  Playground between Tarbert and Gatehouse Drive

Benches:  Yes

Connects To:  Annie Jones Park


Annie Jones Park entrance:  From the west end of the parking area at Annie Jones Park, the 6-foot wide concrete trail heads west 0.2 miles to McCloud Court.

Tarbert Drive entrance (opposite Annie Jones Park): The west branch of Annie Jones Greenway, a 10 foot asphalt trail, heads southeast along a small stream for 0.3 miles until it intersects with the east branch of Annie Jones Greenway, also paved. Turning right at that junction, the eastern segment ends in 0.2 miles at the northwest corner of Lake Pine Drive and Cary Parkway. Turning left at that junction the eastern segment crosses Tarbert Drive, passes a small playground and ends in 0.4 miles at Gatehouse Drive.


Parking is available at Annie Jones Park on Tarbert Drive. Elsewhere, the only parking is on-street.

2008 Greenway Construction Project

2012 Greenway Construction Project