Action Sports Terms & Meanings

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Here are some terms commonly used in action sports to describe stances and tricks. Give them a try!


With your left foot on the front bolts, and your right foot on the tail, you want your dominant foot on the tail of the board. This stance is the most common.


Nollie is when you stand towards the front of the board. With the intent to pop the nose with your front foot rather than popping the tail with your back foot. Your front foot becomes your pop foot and your back foot becomes your kick-foot.


Fakie is the exact same as regular, except you are rolling in the opposite direction. Your right foot is in front, on the nose and your left foot sits on the tail of the board.


Exactly what you think. It’s just the opposite foot placement of your regular stance. If you skate regular put your right foot on the front bolts, and your left foot on the tail. You will have a hard time with this at first, but it comes with practice. Switching stances is the hardest and most impressive skill to accomplish.


If you are comfortable turning left, go opposite and turn right. Maybe you spin your handle bars clockwise, go opposite and spin the counter clockwise.