The Cary Arts Center is designed to accommodate and meet the needs of community cultural organizations. Currently, the Town has a record of nearly 60 Cary-based cultural organizations. To add your organization to this list, please contact Cultural Arts Manager William Lewis


In March 2011, the Cary Arts Center’s Facility Residency Program was adopted and implemented by the Cultural Arts Committee, coinciding with the opening of the Cary Arts Center. The Facility Residency Program prioritizes among the many cultural groups the Town serves when allocating meeting, rehearsal, performance, storage, and mailboxes. After Town programs, Facility Resident Cultural Organizations receive priority booking; these groups also receive a reduced rate on rentals.

Facility Resident Cultural Organizations are expected to bring a certain level of activity and benefit to the venue and to downtown such as:

  • Maintain a relatively consistent level of daytime and nighttime activity to attract participants, audiences, and visitors.
  • Contribute to the stability of facility operations.
  • Build a positive image of the facility through ongoing use.

In addition, Facility Residents must demonstrate a history of working with the Town of Cary and collaborating with other organizations or entities.

When selecting Facility Residents, the committee is committed to ensuring that arts disciplines of all kinds are represented.


All organizations must have a 501(c) (3) status and be Cary-based as defined by Policy Statement 115. All groups rotate on a four year term. An organization may reapply and receive residency for consecutive terms.