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It is a common belief that participation in artistic or musical endeavors creates positive brain changes. In fact, studies have shown that participating in the arts improves critical thinking and empathy skills. Stepping away from the daily grind to pursue art or music is a powerful way to create a sense of well-being—not unlike the effects of meditation on both the mind and body. With this in mind, we recruit the finest and most nurturing theater and music instructors for all our arts programming throughout Cary.

This week’s selected instructors provide gratifying theatrical and musical experiences for our citizens both at The Hive and the Page-Walker Arts & History Center, year-round. Featured arts offerings include Youth Theater, Guitar, Ukulele, Clown Camps, Drumming, and Therapeutic Drumming (as part of our Specialized Recreation program). There’s something for everyone. When our facilities reopen, these dedicated and talented Theater and Music instructors will be ready for you.

For a look at some of the programs typically offered, visit Cary Arts Center, The Hive, Page-Walker Arts & History Center, and Specialized Rec pages.

Featured Instructors

This week, we’re focusing on Music & Theater instructors that have made a difference in Cary. Click through and get to know a bit about them!

Dylan Bailey, Applause! Youth Theater
David Richter, Classical Guitar
Dori Staehle, Next Stage Drumming
Greg Whitt, Drum for Change
Gary Zwerin, a.k.a. Calvin Klown