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The need to do something for recreation or fun is an essential part of our physical health and overall mental well-being. Recreational activities are often done for pure enjoyment. And the social connections we make through fun activities help to make us feel content. Here in July, we continue to salute our Parks and Recreation instructors who enhance our physical and mental state of mind.  Dance, fitness, sports, and recreational activities like archery are offered at multiple community centers including Bond Park, Herb Young, the Senior Center, Middle Creek, the Hive, the Cary Arts Center and more. With enthusiasm, expertise, and passion for activities like Dance, Zumba, Shag, Tumbling, Yoga, Gymnastics, Basketball, and Archery, our experienced group of instructors are the quiet heroes who make it happen every day. Once we reopen Town facilities, our Parks and Rec instructors will continue to make the Cary community a better place to live, work, and play. Read on about a few of the passionate and indispensable Dance, Fitness, and Recreational Instructors we are celebrating this week.

For a look at some of the programs typically offered, visit Cary Arts Center, Middle Creek Community CenterSpecialized Rec, and Sports pages.

Featured Instructors

This week, we’re focusing on Dance, Fitness, and Recreational instructors that have made a difference in Cary. Click through and get to know a bit about them!

Mya Barghouthi, Group Fitness
Brian Barnett, Archery (Specialized Rec)
Lauren Grow, Dance
Tiffany Schick, Group Fitness
Stacy Smith, Dance, Gymnastics, Fitness, Yoga, Art, Etiquette
Sam Sparks, Dance
Gary Williams, Basketball