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What do culinary arts and sewing have in common? Well for starters, both are essential life skills that are creative and enjoyable activities benefiting us all in numerous ways. With the rise of DIYers, cooking and sewing are popular among foodies, bloggers, and those who value green living. Home-cooked food is the best way to create healthy eating habits. Culinary Arts and food skills involve creativity, being able to plan meals ahead of time, making shopping lists, using leftovers, and having quick meal options in your cabinets and refrigerator. Similarly, sewing enhances our creativity, dexterity, and fine motor skills. Sewing also improves focus and concentration and teaches the importance of patience and self-control. Cooking and sewing can put you in a reflective and meditative state of mind, which often feeds our souls. In this final week of celebrating Parks & Recreation month, we are shining a light on our Studio Arts and Culinary Instructors who inspire our participants to enjoy the simple pleasures of cooking and sewing. These popular classes are generally found at the Cary Arts Center and Herb Young Community Center. When facilities reopen, our dedicated and passionate instructors will be ready to pass on their expertise to our community.

For a look at some of the programs typically offered, visit Cary Arts Center, The Hive, Page-Walker Arts & History Center, Herb Young Community Center, and Specialized Rec pages.

Featured Instructors

This week, we’re focusing on Studio Arts & Culinary instructors that have made a difference in Cary. Click through and get to know a bit about them!

  • Laura Gnewuch
    Laura Gnewuch


  • Carrie Jo Wintermute
    Carrie Jo Wintermute


Laura Gnewuch, Cooking
Jasmine Jackson, Sewing
Carrie Jo Wintermute, Sewing