Cary's greenways and streets provide options for safe and easy travel and offer amenities for bike repair, multi-modal travel, and safe storage. 


Wooded curved greenway trail in afternoon sunThese meandering, off-road, paved paths are usually 10 ft. wide and are great for all ages and abilities to walk or ride. Greenways also include a system of connectors that run parallel to roadways referred to as street-side trails


Sharrow painted on road

"Shared Use Arrows" are pavement markings that signal a shared lane environment for bicyclists and automobiles. These indicate where cyclists should ride, discourage wrong-way cycling, and tell drives to expect cyclists.

Signed Routes

Cary Greenway Bicycle Directional Sign

These routes include Cary Commuter Routes, NC Routes, and US Routes. Signs provide wayfinding to help bicyclists remain on the designated route. Signed routes may overlap with other bicycle facility types like sharrows and wide outside lanes.

Bike Lanes

Bike Lane painted on road

These are best for novice or casual bicyclists. Bike lanes are typically at least 4 ft. wide and designated by striping and pavement markings. 

Neighborhood Bike Routes

Bike Route Road Sign

These routes can be found along local streets with lower speed limits and lower traffic volumes, and are identified with signs and sometimes pavement markings. 

Wide Outside Lanes

Shared Bike Lane Sign on Residential Street

Travel lanes wider than the standard 12 ft. that allow motorists to safely pass a cyclist while remaining in the same lane. The lanes have no markings for bicycles but you may see signs on the roadside, indicating they are part of a bicycle route. 

Bike Repair Stations

Adult demonstrating bicycle repair to 3 children

Cary has three bike repair sites to get your ride ready. These stations include all the tools you'll need to perform basic bike repairs and maintenance.

GoCary Bike Transport

Bicycle carrying rack on front of bus

The Rack-n-Roll program makes riding fixed routes more convenient for bicyclists. Bike racks accommodate two-wheeled, single-seat bicycles. Visit GoCary for details. 

Bike Lockers

Bike Locker

Did you know Cary has bike lockers at the Train Depot where you can safely park your bike for the day? There are spaces for four bikes available on a first come, first served basis. 


bmx cyclist riding on ramps

Cary's action sports venue is open to the public year-round. All ages and skill levels are permitted on the course with a valid waiver. Any type of bicycle without training wheels is permitted during the park's open hours. You won't find a workout quite like being in an action sports park!

Bike Rack Request

Cary has an adopted bicycle parking ordinance to require bicycle parking spaces as part of all new development. To make a bike rack request at an existing location, please contact Todd Milam.