Project Background

Sidewalks are constructed throughout Cary to provide pedestrian access to schools, parks, shopping centers and a variety of other places. Each year, the Town Council establishes a priority list of sidewalk improvements that have been requested by citizens and the Police Department. Learn more about the Town’s Sidewalk Request Program.

Project Scope

In an effort to enhance the walkability of Cary and provide a safer and more efficient multi-modal transportation system, the Town is creating a Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan. This plan is an update to the existing Pedestrian Element of the Town’s Transportation Plan. For more information view the Final Draft Pedestrian Plan.

Project Cost

The Pedestrian Plan is partially funded through a Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Grant from the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

Safe Routes To School

Northwoods Elementary School recently completed a Safe Routes to School Action Plan.


Juliet Andes, AICP
Facilities Planning Manager
Transportation & Facilities Department
(919) 462-2008