Welcome to Cary Tennis Park! We invite you to look around to see all of the great tennis opportunities we have to offer. From juniors to adults, we have an abundance of lessons, tournaments, free play and social events. If you love to watch tennis, we have a year full of spectator events featuring professional tennis players and amazing amateurs! 

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Come see why the Cary Tennis Park is a great place to get out and play!

 Cary Tennis Park Facility Expansion Project

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The facility expansion project includes building a 55,000 square foot tennis court expansion that will provide patrons with seven post-tension, concrete tennis courts that will be covered for year round play. The new covered courts will also assist the Town to continue scheduled tournaments during inclement weather.

 structure side view


Design: Spring to Winter, 2105 | Bidding: Spring, 2016
Construction: Spring 2016 to Summer 2017
Additional information on this project can be found on the Transportation and Facilities Department's Cary Tennis Park Facility Expansion Project page.