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Downtown Parking Strategic Implementation Plan

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The Town of Cary is developing a strategic implementation plan for parking in the Town Center Area. The plan will consider issues related to the management of the existing supply of parking as well as a strategy for future needs, which will likely incorporate a combination of surface and structured parking facilities. 

An implementation item of the Town Center Area Plan, adopted by Town Council in 2001, this planning process will result in a comprehensive parking strategy that will guide downtown public and private parking decisions in both the short and long term. This strategy will be developed based on the recommendations of previous planning efforts, information about the current and projected supply and demand for parking in the downtown, and extensive input from a steering committee and users of downtown parking.

The Downtown Parking Strategic Implementation Plan will be a tool used to guide decision making with regard to continuing efforts to encourage a renaissance of growth and redevelopment in the core of the downtown.


Downtown Business/Property Owner Workshop - January 9, 2008
Steering Committee Meeting - January 8, 2008
Interactive Planning and Design Session - November 29, 2007
Steering Committee Meeting - October 23, 2007
Project Kickoff - August 2007

Draft Final Report Presentation - TBA

Preliminary Report

The project consultants, Rich and Associates, Inc. have developed a preliminary report that details their assessment of how the existing parking is operating and how much new parking may be required based on current and anticipated future developments. Rich and Associates used turnover and occupancy data, parking and building inventories, business owner surveys and previous experience with parking to refine and determine the report’s analysis.

View the Preliminary Report.

Additional Information

Town Center Area Plan

The Town Council adopted the Town Center Area Plan in August 2001 to provide a long-range master plan for downtown Cary and its neighborhoods. The plan provides recommendations for the long-term pattern of land uses, development and redevelopment, transportation, housing, and parks and greenways.

Land Development Ordinance

The Town of Cary Land Development Ordinance (LDO) addresses all aspects of development, including zoning, dimensional standards (height, bulk, setback, etc.), landscaping and buffer standards and appearance standards. The downtown area is regulated via the Town Center (TC) zoning district, which is in turn divided into sub-districts that correspond to the land use categories used in the Town Center Area Plan.
Section 4.2.2(N), Chapter 4, of the LDO explains the TC District.
Section 5.1.3, Table 5.1-2, Chapter 5, of the LDO lists permitted uses in the TC District.

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Anne Morris, AICP
Senior Planner - Downtown Development
Planning Department
Town of Cary
P.O. Box 8005
Cary, NC 27512-8005