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Lizzie Borden of Fall River: CAST LIST

THANK YOU to everyone who auditioned for this production. This was a very difficult decision! Thank you again for your support and your enthusiasm.  


Lizzie Borden: Belle Walsh
Andrew Borden: Garrett Bulger
Bridget: Cat Goodall
Abby Borden: Juliet Triandiflou
Emma Borden: Alita Buck
Aunt Vinnie: Emma Welch
Sousa: Michael Cox
Alice: Rachel Bowers
Reverend Jubb: Kaden Pfister
Mrs. Churchill: Zoe Wright
Patrolman Harrington: Connor Ferguson
Jenning: Victor Bohner
Marshal: KJ Dolan
Amy Robsart: Melissa Sousa
Carlotta: Vicki Brent

Please email to accept your role. You will receive additional information and schedule details by Sep 12.