RFP Posts List

RFP NumberTitleStartingClosingStatus
SW-1263SCADA Conversion and Fiber Optic Network Improvement for North Cary Water Reclamation FacilityNEW!03/20/2017 8:00 AM05/08/2017 2:00 PMOpen
WT1189Western Cary Good Hope Church Road Elevated Water Storage Tank & Pump Station03/14/2017 2:00 PM04/11/2017 11:00 AMOpen
GG1147On-Call Roof Assessments and Design and Construction Management Services for Roof Repair/Replacement03/10/201704/07/2017 3:00 PMOpen
GG1130Stormwater GIS Improvements 03/09/201704/06/2017 3:00 PMOpen
ST1256 & ST1261FY17 Street Improvements03/02/2017 2:00 PM03/10/2017 11:00 AMClosed
WT1214Kilmayne Drive Elevated Water Storage Tank02/24/2017 8:00 AM03/08/2017 2:00 PMClosed
17-12Swift Creek Regional Pump Station Electrical Condition Assessment02/23/2017 8:00 AM03/16/2017 2:00 PMClosed
N/A-2PRCR Comprehensive Signs Fabrication and Installation02/06/2017 8:00 AM02/24/2017 1:00 PMClosed
NA - 1023415 - ATest RFP Post A09/21/2016 5:50 PMOpen