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What's Happening Now

Construction Update - April 13, 2018

Weather permitting, road construction will begin on Monday, April 16. Earlier this week message boards were placed on site notifying travelers of upcoming construction. Check out the Traffic Alert for more information.

Construction Update – March 19, 2018

PSNC has completed relocation of an existing gas line. Duke Energy Progress is still on-site working on relocation of their facilities and installation of temporary street lights.

News Release: Work to Begin in April

Construction Update - March 5, 2018

Private utility companies are relocating their facilities in advance of construction. This is done to reduce the risk of accidental damage and service outages during construction. Lane closures are anticipated to safely complete this work. 

PSNC is scheduled to be onsite until March 19 and Duke Energy Progress is scheduled to be onsite until the end of March.