Growth Management

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The Town of Cary grew rapidly during the 1980s and 1990s and is the seventh largest city in North Carolina. Tens of thousands of people have moved to Cary during the past quarter century, drawn by good jobs, a strong economy and high quality of life. In 1997, the Town Council began responding to increasing calls from citizens to more directly manage growth.

Growth Management Plan (Adopted January 2000)

  • Provides a framework for incorporating continuing projects and new initiatives within a larger management strategy
  • Serves as a guide for long-range planning, revision of local development regulations and review processes, and for infrastructure investment

Guiding principles of the Growth Management Plan cover five aspects of growth:

  • Rate and timing
  • Location
  • Amount and density
  • Cost
  • Quality

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Scott Ramage, AICP
Principal planner
Long Range Planning Division
Cary Planning Department
(919) 462-3888