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Comprehensive Plan

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The Comprehensive Plan is a compilation of many separate plans and elements that together describe the Town’s official vision for Cary in the coming years. The plan addresses issues such as growth, land use, transportation and housing.

Elements of the Plan

Volume 1: Vision Element

Volume 2: Land Use Plan - Adopted 1996 (Amended 2003)

Neighborhood / Area Plans (part of Land Use Plan) Vicinity map

Volume 3: Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources Facilities Master Plan – Adopted 2012

Volume 4: Growth Management Plan & Program - Adopted January 2000

Volume 5: Affordable Housing Plan - Adopted October 2010

Volume 6: Comprehensive Transportation Plan - Adopted September 2008

Volume 7: (Formerly the Open Space Plan. In 2012, Open Space policy was moved to Volume 3, as part of the Parks Master Plan)

Volume 8: Historic Preservation Master Plan - Adopted May 2010