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Cary TV Channel Upgrade

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Cary TV 11, the Town’s official government access channel, is undergoing one of its largest equipment upgrades in the station’s history.

The Cary TV Channel Upgrade project replaces key production equipment during the month of January that has outlasted its useful service life. Upon completion of the project and by the end of January, Cary TV 11 will have the ability to cablecast in high definition, creating a better viewer experience.  Do note that due to limitations set forth by Time Warner Cable and AT&T, some viewers may not notice a difference in viewing the channel upon the completion of the project; viewers should check their television settings in order to determine the optimal viewing experience.

During construction and installation, roughly January 6-24, viewers may experience intermittent disruptions, including but not limited to periods of black or periods of no audio. We appreciate your support during the next two weeks as we remain committed to using the latest technology to empower our citizens. The total amount budgeted for this project was $197,000 and was approved as part of the FY 17 budget.

Cary TV 11 offers around-the-clock programming to hose in western Wake County with Time Warner Cable (channel 11) or AT&T Uverse (channel 99). Programming includes live streaming and recablecast of all Town Council meetings and all Planning and Zoning Board meetings; Cary Matters, the Town Council’s regular program; and Bud TV, the featurette to complement the Town’s monthly utility newsletter. Viewers may also catch Wake County Board of Commissioners meetings and programming from NASA TV. Meetings and original programs are also available on the Town’s YouTube Channel.


David Wolk
Government Access Channel Coordinator
(919) 465-4606