Jack Smith

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   Jack W. Smith

Street Address

  104 Cricket Lane, Cary, NC 27518-9715
  NOTE: All mail for Town-related business should be sent to the mailing address below





Mailing Address

c/o Town of Cary, P.O. Box 8005, Cary, NC 27512-8005








Place of Birth

Furth, Germany

Date of Birth


Other placed (cities) lived

Reading, PA; Boston, MA; Norman, OK (college)

Number of Years as Cary Resident

Since 1986

Number of terms served on Town Council (including current)

First term: 1989-1993
Second term: 1993-1997
Third term: 1997-2001
Fourth term: 2001-2005
Fifth term: 2005-2009
Sixth term: 2009-2013
Seventh term: 2013-2017

Expiration Date of current term

December 2017

Other political offices and/or appointments held, now or in the past

RDU Noise Abatement Committee - Cary representative; Chair Person Operations Committee; Cary's Economic Development Commission Member and former Chair; Cary's representative on the Wake County Intergovernmental Liaison Committee; Cary's representative to the Wake County Economic Development Commission; Cary’s Liaison to the Greater Raleigh Convention & Visitors Bureau

Current Employer

Custom Golf Travel, A Lazy Lizard Travel, LLC

Current Occupation

International Custom Golf Packages

Other occupations or previous employers of interest

Organizational Capability Services, LLC (founder)
Data General(now EMC)


Branch of Service

US Army

Highest Rank Attained


Primary service role

CavalryTroop Commander

Honors, medals

Viet Nam era veteran

Tours of duty


Total years served

11 (includes Active, Reserve & National Guard)


Ft. Sill, OK;Ft. Benning, GA; Ft. Knox, KY; Ft. Drum, NY


Highest grade completed

College graduate

Degree(s) obtained


School(s) attended

University of Oklahoma

Primary areas of study

Psychology, Sociology

Professional licenses, certifications

C.C.P. (Certified Compensation Professional)


Marital Status

Married to Bridget Smith

Number of children


Number of school age children


Number of grandchildren—total


Number of grandchildren—school age


Church, religious denomination

St. Michael's; Catholic

Current Civic Club Membership(s)

American Legion Post 67;Sister Cities Association of Cary

Current Charitable Work

Organ Donation Foundation (Speaker); 2008 Chair, RTP Annual Kidney Walk

Current Party Affiliation




1996-2001: Business Leader Magazine - five time “Impact 100" Recipient;2002: Leadership Triangle Fellow; 2006: Washington D.C. - Inducted into the Sister Cities InternationalLocal Government Leadership Circle; 2008: American Legion Post 67, Andy Green Courage Award; 2009: Institute of Political Leadership Fellow;2010: Cary Citizen of the Year Award; 2012: Cary Citizen Diplomacy Award

Like so many who call Cary home, Jack Smith’s roots stretch far and wide. Jack grew up in Reading, PA and spent most of his adult years in and around Boston, but that’s actually later in his story. Jack was born in Furth, Germany.

Jack’s father was a US Army medic stationed in Germany as part of the occupying force that remained in Nuremburg after World War II; Jack’s mother was a volunteer at the same Army hospital.

Having a US father & a German mother meant that Jack had dual citizenship, which would have been fine if it weren’t for his wanting to serve his country. To become a US Army officer and obtain an Army commission, Jack could not keep his dual citizenship. The process required Jack to affirm allegiance to only one country by acquiring his US citizenship. He officially became a US Citizen on June 3, 1968.

Earning his US citizenship was one of the most important and impactful events in his life. Choosing to be American rather than simply being born that way contributed to Jack’s patriotism -- patriotism he proudly wears on his sleeve, both literally and figuratively. As a retired US Army Cavalry Captain, Jack frequently spearheads efforts and events that support and honor those who have fought and died for our freedoms.

Outside of his time in the military, Jack has always supported traditional American values, especially hard work. Whether as part of a large corporation or on his own as an entrepreneur, Jack works tirelessly.

In October 1986, Jack was promoted and transferred from Boston to Cary with Data General (now EMC), and it didn’t take long for him to fall in love with the community. He wanted to do everything he could for his new hometown. Believing that citizen involvement was and is a hallmark of the democratic process, Jack decided to run for Town Council to advocate for citizens and to assist the Town with developing a long-range perspective.

As an Executive Placement & Organizational Development professional, Jack helps companies improve their productivity by identifying critically important priorities to address and then finding them the ‘right person for the right job’. To do this successfully requires good analytical and listening skills coupled with in-depth problem solving abilities – all excellent tools to call on as a Council member.

Since the beginning of his public service over two decades ago, Jack’s four primary goals for Cary have been fundamentally the same: responsible growth, fiscal management, economic development and environmental stewardship.

Jack believes that Cary should grow in a responsible manner and not at the expense of current residents. Growth must pay for itself and not harm the community’s quality of life. The Town must protect neighborhoods, invest in parks and open space, and maintain high quality recreational programs. At the same time, Cary taxes should remain as low as possible without forcing the Town to reduce its nationally recognized 
“best in class” services. This can be achieved through continued good planning -- striking the right balance between being business friendly and maintaining the community’s charm and appeal.

To sum it up, Jack is focused on keeping Cary clean and green, neighborhood friendly, affordable, and well-planned.

Jack is proud of our award-winning greenway system and how it has brought neighborhoods closer together. He is proud of Cary’s efforts to curtail crime and keep citizens safe. He is proud that the Town leads the state in protecting the environment. He is proud of the diversity of our citizenry and how each person uniquely contributes to our quality of life.

As he serves Cary, his faith and his family provide him with the core values that guide Jack each day. He’s learned that while people may forget what you say and what you do, people never forget how you make them feel.