Volunteer Hall of Fame

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Don Smith Award

  • recognizing a volunteer in the Town's athletics programs who demonstrates leadership as well as promotes skill development, sportsmanship, participation and fun.

2017 Daniel Ziser 
2016 Dennis Sparks
2015 Jim Ellard
2014 Chris Courts
2013 Jeff Cohn
2012 John Mosser
2011 Ken Berry
2010 Rick Adamson
2009 Harry Druck
2008 Shawn Griffin
2007 Jeff Weiner
2006 Walker Reagan
2005 Bob Slocum
2004 George Attarian
2003 George Wood
2002 Larry Miller
2001 Dave Gaebel
2000 Bud Zeiger
1999 Johnny Gardner
1998 Tim Brayboy
1997 Dan Howell
1996 Michael Joyce
1995 Bill Kamszik
1994 Steve McLaurin
1993 John Brettschneider
1992 John Crissman
1991 Charles Early
1990 Fred Pippin 

Distinguished New Coach Award

  • recognizing a person who has coached less than 5 years with the Town of Cary. The recipient demonstrates the ability to communicate effectively with players, parents, and staff; brings in new ideas; and promotes the Athletics Division philosophy.

2017 Sean Hannon
2016 Jerod Kirby
2015 Kevin Jones
2014 Darryl Alexander
2013 Carla Freeman
2012 Don Callahan
2011 Steve Lucovsky
2010 David Buchanan
2009 Todd Crouse
2008 Pat Tuttle
2007 Tiffany Cohn
2006 Pete Fleming
2005 Kent Lohr
2004 Kevin Kelly
2003 Teresa Anderson
2003 Fred Cobb
2002 Kenneth John Moore
2001 Walker Reagan
2000 Lee Wishon
1999 Jonathan Hall

Outstanding Teen Award

  • will be given to deserving members of Cary's Teen Council who demonstrate leadership and a strong interest in community service. Beginning with the 2001 Awards, one award will go to a member of the Middle School Teen Council (grades 6-8) and another will go to a member of the High School Teen Council (grades 9-12). 

2017 Namrata Jumani
2016 Sarah Welsch
2015 Doug Smith
2014 Kyra Jasper
2013 Kristen Chung
2012 Jineet Patel
2011 Safiyah Ismail
2010 Christine Nacewicz
2009 Sonia Su (Middle School)
2009 Rashi Bisarya (High School)
2008 Sunny Su (Middle School)
2008 Wesley Lo (High School)
2007 Marina Russo (Middle School)
2007 Leslie Ann Willis (High School)
2006 Alyssa Egel-Johnson (Middle School)
2006 Jonathan Nacewicz (High School)
2005 Wesley Lo (Middle School)
2005 Laura Robertson (High School)
2004 Phillip Christofferson (Middle School)
2004 Selby Lo (High School)
2003 Marie Davis (Middle School)
2003 Amy Gatto (High School)
2002 Matt Hoina (Middle School)
2002 Liz Nacewicz (High School)
2001 Selby Lo (Middle School Award)
2001 Alix Fellman (High School Award)
2000 Jeremy Guzman
1999 Audrey Wells
1998 Megan Berry
1997 Vanessa Streeter

Cultural Arts Award

  • will be presented to an individual who lends leadership and support to all aspects of the Town's arts programs, including literacy, performance, and visual arts.

2017 Barbara Wetmore
2016 Peggy Van Scoyoc
2015 Saskia Leary
2014 Leesa Brinkley
2013 Pat Hudson
2012 Barbara Shepard
2011 Philip Shepard
2010 Rafael Osuba
2009 Jim Hammerle
2008 David Lindquist
2007 Carl Regutti
2006 Kay Struffolino
2005 Lucinda Cole
2004 Gary Ashworth
2003 Carol Aupperle
2002 Anne Kratzer
2001 Jerry Miller
2000 Linda Fuller
1999 Lisa Towle
1998 Ralph Ashworth
1997 Paul Wasylkevych

Senior Volunteer Award

  • will be presented to a deserving volunteer who has impacted the lives of Cary citizens ages 55 and older through senior programs or activities with Cary Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources. 

2017 Susan Stanko
2016 Ed Mayer
2015 Will Ammons
2014 Olene Ogles
2013 Bill Higgins
2012 Helen Merentino
2011 Joe Glem
2010 Bernie Kellog
2009 Linda Holben
2008 John Fitzpatrick
2007 Gabe Horn
2006 Larry Corbett
2005 Ruth Strickland
2004 Barbara Harraghy
2003 Marsha Ambrose
2002 Ed & Rebal Goetz
2001 Fran LaMunion
2000 Olene Ogles
1999 John & Jenny Rawling
1998 Dixie Everest
1997 Kay Struffolino

Parks & Trails Award

  • recognizes leadership and effectiveness in advocating environmental conservation as well as the improvement and development of the Town's greenways, trails, and open spaces.

2017 Lois Nixon
2016 Bruce Brown
2015 Gary Craven
2014 Carl Rush
2013 Cameron Sweeney
2012 Jay Pontier
2011 Robert Bush
2010 Mandy Astor
2009 Toby Kennedy
2008 Leta Huntsinger
2007 Christina Sorensen
2006 Carl Rush & GHHS Environmental Club
2005 Greg Lytle
2004 Tullie Johnson
2003 Carol Wilcox
2002 Nancy Martin
2001 Larry Cupitt
2000 Austin Leake
1999 Bill Stice
1998 Susanne Scott
1997 Ann Coughlin

Events Volunteer of the Year

  • presented to an individual who has worked to provide support to one (or more) of the many special events that are produced by Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources (PRCR) Department.

2017 Buket Aydemir
2016 Cathy Cosens
2015 Pat Fish
2014 Gary Bushey
2013 Regina McLaurin
2012 Jim Bustrack
2011 Leslie Pless
2010 Robin Jones

Partner Organization of the Year

  • presented to a non-profit, civic, school, club, or other organization that has partnered with the Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources (PRCR) Department to help the department achieve its mission and goals; contributes to the enhancement of life in Cary; and has made a significant impact on the quality of life for Cary’s citizens.

2017 Triangle Tennis Enthusiasts
2016 Dorcas Ministries
2015 Abilities Tennis Association of NC and Western Wake Tennis Association
2014 Cary Town Band
2013 Sister Cities Association of Cary
2012 Friends of Page-Walker
2011 Friends of Hemlock Bluffs
2010 Cary Teen Council

Herb Young Award

  • will be given to a volunteer with overall outstanding service, leadership, and support for and of the staff and programs of Cary's Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources Department. This award was created in 1997 to honor and recognize Herb Young for his dedication and service.

2017 Barbara Shepard
2016 Sal Cammarata
2015 Lee Parker
2014 Sonia Su
2013 Phil Shepard
2012 Denny Hoadley
2011 David Lindquist
2010 Paul Wasylkevych
2009 Tullie Johnson
2008 Marla Dorrel
2007 Carol Aupperle
2006 Jeff Boucher
2005 Selby Lo
2004 Anne Kratzer
2003 Tom Hemrick
2002 Jerry Miller
2001 Kay Struffolino
2000 Koka Booth
1999 Charles Early
1998 Tullie Johnson
1997 Carol Allen

History & Heritage Award

  • will be presented to an individual who has shown leadership in preserving and promoting appreciation of Cary's history and heritage and has supported Town of Cary's cultural programs.

2009 Brent Miller
2008 Patricia L. Fish
2007 Bob Myers
2006 Julia Morrison
2005 Cindi Baker
2004 Peggy Van Scoyoc
2003 Phyllis Tuttle
2002 Anne Kratzer

Multi-Cultural Arts Award

  • will be presented to an individual who is resourceful in promoting the arts and appreciation of other cultures and has supported the Town of Cary's cultural programs.

2009 Meena Jeyakumar
2008 Lizette Cruz-Watko
2007 Ian Henshaw
2006 Tushar Ghosh
2005 Karyn Thomas
2004 Mamta Bisarya
2003 Lester Thomas
2002 Carolyn Sampson


For more information on volunteer awards, contact:

Sonya Snyder
Recreation Projects Coordinator
(919) 469-4065