Town Manager's Office

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As the organization’s chief executive officer, Town Manager Sean Stegall heads the Town Manager’s Office, which includes Budget, Public Information and Downtown Development. The town manager is responsible for implementing the policies set forth by the Town Council and exercises management responsibility over all operational staff and departments. The town manager recommends the Annual Budget and ensures that all local, state and federal laws and regulations are met.

About the Town Manager – Sean R. Stegall

With over two decades of local government experience, Sean R. Stegall has been Cary’s Town Manager since August 4, 2016. Most recently the City Manager of Elgin, IL, his journey to Cary included posts in three states where he focused on a wide variety of topics: finance and budgeting, parks and recreation, Legislative affairs, communications and engagement, planning, and technology. Stegall holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Western Illinois University and a Master’s in Public Administration from Northern Illinois University. He also holds certificates from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, Senior Executive Institute at the University of Virginia, and the Rocky Mountain Program at Colorado University.

The Town Manager's Office focuses on implementing the Town Council’s broad policies, especially as they pertain to addressing citizen complaints and implementing the Town Council’s legislative advocacy program.

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Council-Manager Form of Government
North Carolina law requires municipalities to choose between two types of administration: “strong mayor” or “council-manager.” Like most larger communities in the state, the Town of Cary uses the council-manager format.

Under this form of administration, the citizens of Cary elect a seven-member Town Council. The elected Council creates a vision for the community by setting the broad policies, goals, and direction of the government including adopting necessary laws. The Council also appoints three staff members: the Town Attorney, the Town Clerk and the Town Manager.

As the chief executive officer, the Town Manager implements Council’s policies and oversees all Town operations. The manager advises the Council on all issues, proposes the annual budget, and coordinates the work of all municipal staff not appointed by the council. Cary’s professional staff develops and implements projects, programs, and services in support of Council’s goals and is responsible for the organization’s day-to-day operations.

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Sean Stegall
Town Manager
Town Manager's Office
(919) 469-4007

Michael J. Bajorek
Deputy Town Manager (oversees Finance, Fire, Human Resources, Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources, Police, Public Works, Technology Services, Utilities)
Town Manager's Office
(919) 469-4007       

Russ Overton
Assistant Town Manager/Chief Development Officer (oversees Development Services, Inspections & Permits, Planning, Transportation & Facilities, Water Resources)
Town Manager's Office
(919) 469-4007

Dan Ault
Assistant Town Manager
Town Manager's Office
(919) 469-4034