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Town Clerk's Office

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The Town Clerk, who reports directly to the Town Council, is responsible for:
The staff in the Clerk's office includes the town clerk, the deputy town clerk and two administrative assistants. Business Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. 

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Town of Cary Code of Ordinances
The official Town of Cary Code of Ordinances and Land Development Ordinance are maintained on the internet by American Legal Publishing Corporation and can be found at The Town Codes and the Land Development Ordinance are available for purchase online at or by calling American Legal Publishing Corporation at (800) 445-5588.

Town of Cary Council Minute Archives
Review and search the minutes of Cary Town Council meetings.

Town Council Members
Find out more about the Town Council and the districts it serves.

Virginia Johnson
Town Clerk
Town Clerk's Office
(919) 460-4941