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Bottom Line

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Bottom Line cuts through the rumors, misinformation and hullabaloo of some of the current issues involving Town of Cary government by offering a clear, concise and fact-based counterpoint. Bottom Line’s goal is to ensure that citizens have the information necessary to develop an informed position.

You Asked:

October 13, 2016
Question: What is the Town of Cary doing about the reported assault of a Muslim boy on bus? 
Bottom Line:
See the attached statement. More...

April 15, 2016
Question: Has the Cary Town Council taken a formal position on HB2?
Bottom Line: Yes. More...

October 7, 2014
Question: Is the Town widening SE Maynard Road?
Bottom Line: No. Get the facts...

February 25, 2014
Question: Does the Town of Cary support Google Fiber coming to the area?
Bottom Line: Yes. More...

Updated: September 19, 2012 (Originally posted: September 16, 2011)
Question: Did the Town of Cary thoroughly evaluate cost, security, privacy and benefits to citizens when selecting its new automated meter reading system, Aquastar?
Bottom Line: Yes. More ...

May 5, 2011
Question: Is the Town wasting taxpayer money by appealing Mr. Bowden's lawsuit?
Bottom line: No. More...

March 30, 2011
Question: Is Cary's sludge safe for crops?
Bottom line: Yes. More...

October 25, 2010
Question: Is the Town of Cary being a hypocrite in its decision to adjust sound levels at Koka Booth Amphitheatre?
Bottom Line: No. More...

October 1, 2010
Question: Is the Town of Cary fairly applying the Sign Ordinance to the Cathedral Community Christian Church?
Bottom Line: Yes. More...

August 20, 2010
Question: Was New Hill targeted for a sewer plant? 
Bottom Line: No. More....

July 6, 2010
Question: Does the draft US 64 plan recommend a freeway in Cary? 
Bottom Line: No. More...

July 2, 2010
Question: Has Cary's experience using the latest technology for biosolids treatment been a failure?
Bottom line: No. More...

June 24, 2010
Question: Were fines issued for signs on Maynard Road?
Bottom line: No. More...

Question: Is Koka Booth Amphitheatre becoming more self-sustaining financially?
Bottom line: Yes. More....

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