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Try Transit with Free GoCary Rides September 21

GoCary HHGoCary rides will be fare free on all fixed routes and Door-to-Door (Tier I only) services on September 21, allowing citizens to explore public transportation as part of Try Transit Week. Other events, including Cyclist Day and Seniors’ Day, also will give citizens the opportunity to try transit for free in September.

Read the news release.

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Cary Approves Earlier Alcohol Sales on Sundays

At its July 27 council meeting, the Cary Town Council adopted the "brunch bill," an ordinance allowing for the sale of malt beverages, unfortified wine, and mixed beverages beginning at 10 a.m. on Sundays. This change became effective immediately.

Effective June 30, Governor Roy Cooper signed the new legislation into law (N.C.G.S. 160A-205.3). The previous state Alcohol Beverage Control law outlawed the sale of beer, wine and spirits before noon on Sundays. 

Watch video of Council's discussion of the brunch bill (begins at 46:55).

Review Section 4 of Senate Bill 155 that amends the hours of certain alcohol sales.

View the list of municipalities that have adopted the ordinance.

Learn more about Cary's Operation BlackJack to ensure compliance with alcohol sales laws.