2011 Annual Turnover Report

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Town of Cary

2011 Annual Turnover Report



Executive Summary: 

  • Turnover for the Town of Cary during 2011 was 4.8%, down from 5.4% in 2010.We had an average of 1118.5 employees and 54 separations.
  • A review of turnover by years of service shows that the highest category was employees with 15+ years of service.The majority of these separations were due to retirements.
  • Thirty-three, or 61.1%, of the Town’s separations were due to resignations.A review of specific reasons for these resignations across the Town indicates that 18% of the resignations were due to “dissatisfaction with job/management”.This equaled six employees and of the six, four employees left due to concerns about coworkers and/or their supervisors and two left because they decided the job was not the kind of work they wanted to be doing.
  • Several small departments showed large turnover percentages, but these were due only to their small size and were not statistically relevant.
  • The Facility Management division of the Public Works & Utilities department showed an increase in turnover compared to the previous five years.However, breaking down this turnover to analyze reasons for leaving, only two of the eleven terminations were due to employee dissatisfaction – the type of turnover we are always most concerned with.This makes the division’s “avoidable” turnover quite low compared to the overall turnover percentage.The most common reasons for leaving listed by employees in this area were physical/medical issues; relocation; career change or return to school.
  • Two departments, the Police Department (Support Services area) and the Inspections & Permits Departments had their lowest turnover numbers in over five years.


Explanation of Turnover Statistics: 

To determine if our turnover percentage is of concern and whether any significant trends are noted, we analyze the turnover numbers in many different ways:


  1. We track turnover by individual Town departments/divisions over a 5-year period to note any significant increases/decreases in turnover.
  2. We analyze total Town turnover by years of service in order to determine if there are any ties to the length of employment and the likelihood of termination.
  3. The most important analysis includes an analysis of Town turnover by reason for leaving.Some Town turnover is initiated by the Town (dismissals, etc.) and can even be considered positive turnover.The most concerning area comes from turnover initiated by employees through resignation – this is often negative, avoidable turnover for the Town.
  4. Because resignations are consistently the largest category of turnover for the Town, we further analyze resignations to determine the reason an employee resigned and whether that reason was avoidable by the Town (another job, employee dissatisfied, etc.) or unavoidable (moving, career change, etc.).


The above analyses are presented through the following attachments to this report: